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Rails Hackathon- A remote hackathon for Rails developers.

48 hours to build your best Ruby on Rails application with your friends.

This year's theme is Hotwire powered Rails apps.

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Our 48 hour hackathon is open to everyone.

Wanting to learn Hotwire? A seasoned Hotwire developer who wants to try a crazy idea? You're all welcome to participate in the Rails Hackathon.

The first day of the hackathon is focused on getting started on your project.

Start wrapping up your project! Your app submission is due at the end of the 48 hours to qualify.

We'll sit down and review all the applications and announce winners.

  1. How It works

  2. Join our Discord

    Use our Discord to find a team, plan your projects, and make friends.

  3. Register your team

    Teams can be 1-4 people. Sign up and create your team to register for the hackathon.

  4. Plan your project

    You can't write any code ahead of time, but you can plan everything out.

  5. Start Coding

    We will provide a GitHub repository for you to submit your entry. You'll be able to start coding on September 17th in your timezone.

  6. Deploy

    Throughout the weekend, you'll want to deploy your application and test it in production. The production app will be used in judging.

  7. Submit & Deploy

    After 48 hours, you'll stop coding, deploy one last time, and submit your final code to the GitHub repo.

  8. Judging

    Once everyone is done, we'll go review all the submissions, play around with the apps in production, and judge each entry.

  9. Announcing Winners

    We will announce winners once all the entries have been judged.

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