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Ruby on Plain


Plain is a Rails engine that serves as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant for your Rails project. It's not just about organizing your codes or managing your project structure, but about providing deeper, more meaningful context to your work, in real-time. It was proudly developed and presented during the esteemed Rails Hackathon 2023.


The most salient feature of Plain is its capability to analyze your project on the go. Using AI, it can instantly provide explanations and insights about various aspects of your Rails project, effectively becoming an intelligent companion during your development process.

Documentation Site 

Beyond just an AI assistant, Plain acts as a comprehensive documentation site. What sets Plain apart is its ability to take markdown files and seamlessly integrate them into the documentation site. No more disjointed files and folders, everything is displayed on a beautifully designed, user-friendly site. This enables developers to add, modify, or access documentation effortlessly and intuitively.

Chile on Rails


Built with:

backend: pg, devise, langchainrb
front: stimulus, hotwire, tailwind, esbuild

Application Screenshots

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