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Active Mermaid

The idea is to have an app that helps you set up ActiveRecord relations using Mermaid UML definitions. It's mainly meant for rapid prototyping and to help newer Rails users get a handle on how these things work while being exposed to some UML tools.

Essentially, it allows you to see how additions to your models and the relevant migrations will look if you follow the UML scheme present in the Mermaid file. 

It has options for things like the migration class, indexing, and automatically adds persistence dependency management based on the MermaidJS relationship diagram. 


Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Built with:

Monaco, MermaidJS, Bootstrap, SCSS on the front-end. 

Rails setup is very standard. Rspec for tests and Pry for debugging. awesome_print because it's just awesome, too. 

I basically set up the JS to load two Monaco editors - each with their own syntax highlighting and themes which include an imported MermaidJS highlighter. I plugged the input from the Mermaid Monaco editor into MermaidJS and render out the UML, and this can be done by just clicking the 'Render UML' button for custom inputs. Generating the Rails code will be an AJAX to the server with the Mermaid text that gets parsed and formatted into migration and model file definitions. Those will then be put into the Ruby Monaco editor for consumption. 

The README in the repo has lots of info. Too much to add here - so take a look!

Application Screenshots

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