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An app to find people to work with on Rails projects. You can either start your own project that people can join, or you can join other people's projects.
Users can request to join other projects, or project owners can invite users to join their projects as well.

nil class

Abu Dhabi

Built with:

Pretty standard Rails 7 app. Using a little bit of Hotwire and stimulus plus a few gems. Raw dogging the CSS, with just a tiny bit of tailwind to bump things around.
gem "countries"
gem "devise"
gem "tailwindcss-rails", "~> 2.0"
gem 'cloudinary'

Also, got stuck trying to figure out an ActiveRecord query, so we just added meilisearch instead  🙃

Is an app ever complete? 

ps: Really am looking for my first Rails job as well, if anyone is looking to hire an oldish junior? 😬
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