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Ruby Podcatch

Why did I build Ruby Podcatch?

Many times when we want to learn a concept, we want to hear what other people have to say about that concept. Although many folks have spoken about it in Ruby/Rails podcasts, it is difficult to find exactly those episodes where that concept was discussed. Ruby Podcatch will help you find exactly those episodes where a particular concept was spoken about.

What it does?

Ruby Podcatch lets users search for any topic or a concept or a keyword and finds relevant Ruby/Rails Podcast episodes where that concept was discussed.

What's interesting about it?

It currently supports "Remote Ruby" and "The Bike Shed".  Planning to add support for other awesome Ruby/Rails podcasts out there.

Team Rocket 🚀

Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Built with:

I've used a plain vanilla Rails 7 application with Postgres and Tailwind for styling.
I've used `pg_search` gem for Postgres full-text search and `view-component` library for UI components.
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