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We made GemSentinel.

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"Empowering developers with over 175,000 supported gems, GemSentinel keeps you in the know about the latest updates and features!" 

Create an account, make a 'bundle list' on your console, stick it on the app, and I promise you'll be up to date on the latest features and changes to the gems you use in your projects. You will be informed of the new versions available and will have an overview as well as the link where you can access the complete changelog. Obviously you remain the sole master of the game, and it is you who decide to update them or not!
Plus we have a nice logo



Built with:

  • Backend: Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend: React, JavaScript, and JSX
  • API: RESTful endpoints for data retrieval and creation
  • Databse: PostgreSQL for the robust and reliable database management.
  • Scheduled Tasks: Ruby scripts programmed in a cron table for regular updates
  • User Authentication: Devise gem for login functionality
  • JSX Transpiler: Babel for translating JSX code
  • Icons: Font Awesome integrated with React using Yarn
  • Service-Oriented Approach: Complex logic organized into services
  • Production Hosting: Digital Ocean managed by Hatchbox for reliable deployment and management

With this tech stack, we've created GemSentinel, an efficient application that keeps you up-to-date with the latest updates and features of the gems you use in your projects!

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