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Rails Duels

RailsDuels, the app where Ruby on Rails developers go head-to-head in a multiplayer game.

Upon signing up, users select their skill level - beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert. They are then ready to compete with other developers who share their proficiency. RailsDuels isn't just about getting the right answers, it's about speed. With every tick of the clock, the suspense builds up, and the faster a user answers correctly, the more points they accumulate, making each second critical to their victory.

In every duel, users are faced with five questions. Their objective is to respond to these as quickly and accurately as possible to score maximum points. As they enhance their Rails skills, they climb the leaderboard, making their learning journey all the more rewarding.

Users can also easily monitor their rank among peers and revisit their past duels, all through a simple user profile interface.

Lazy Lambda


Built with:

- Rails 7 with hotwire (Turbo Frames, Ftreams and Stimulus) and Bootstrap 5 for the interface.
- Devise: Authentication
- Pundit: Authorization
- Capistrano: Deploy the app to a VPS.
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