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Built a story pointing app, you can login, create a room, invite people to a room, start voting, end voting, start new rounds, set the room name.

Almost everything is live reloaded via Hotwire turbo frames and broadcasts.

What's Interesting? Design is interesting as I've tried to make it as friendly and active as possible, so people don't fall asleep when storypointing (it happens!)

We were inspired by a poker story pointing app, just another story pointing app.

Video Demo: https://share.cleanshot.com/Q0KLNgdW



Built with:

Several gems including;
- acts_as_list for automatic positioning of room participants and for rounds position
- simple_form for form styles
- esbuild for JS compilation
- devise for authentication
- pundit for authorization
- postmark for emails
- cssbundling-rails TailwindCSS with PostCSS for styles, so we are sort of consistent with the styles

How did I do it? Head first. I did not plan things out properly like I'd normally do, so, the structure isn't the best. I'm very familiar with the gems I've used so it wasn't difficult. Hiccups happened on ESBuild setup, styles, and the JS background done via the Vanta JS package

Application Screenshots

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