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You can sign into the test application with  [email protected] QkN*NByZxp9En-E!fgfoj34K. Manage the tours at https://6nww0.hatchboxapp.com/foo/tours


TourMaven is a Rails engine to give a product tour backend to your Rails app. This project uses tourguide.js and gives you a backend for managing tours, when they show up and tracks who has gone through them etc. 

Oh, and it does this without giving you a $x hundred dollar bill every month.

Next steps would be to add more advanced triggering options, options for showing a tour only a single time, and buttons to manually trigger tours.

Stoneridge Labs

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This is a pretty boring Rails stack (which is how I like it!), with the addition of Tourguide.js. This is using a Rails engine so managing assets etc is a bit of a thing. Moving beyond the MVP for the hackathon, the dashboards and reporting would get into a lot of interesting especially on the Hotwire side. 

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