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The station

A place to gather people around ruby on rails. You can find 4 sections

1 News   
On this page you can keep abreast of Ruby on Rails and all the stuff around it (ruby, hotwire, stimulus, etc ...). It's several rss feeds put together so you don't need to create yours or remember every blogs, opening many tabs. You have all here and in the futur you could filter by source or add more feeds by yourself.
This part was heavily inspired by the great plugin dailydev

2 Community
We didn't wanted to create a classic forum with many categories, heavy stuff, etc ... . so we built a little board inspired by the korean "naver cafe". Korean people love using this kind of convenient board where you can talk about your topics without worries if you are at the good place or not.

Here members can share anythings about Ruby on Rails, the stuff arround or programming in general.

3 Documentations
This page would lead you to a input where you put your version of ruby or RoR and you will be redirected to the official API documentation page of the version you entered. We felt annoying to work on multiple project with different version and everytime we look for the documentation only we are always on the wrong version and it's not that easy to change to the good one.

4 Job offers
This page would have been similar with the news page but would display job offers in ruby or RoR.

To conclude there are many stuff which could be regroupe on one place so no more 100 tabs open or no more excuses for not keeping an eye on the last RoR news

PS: Sorry for the dubious design
PS2: I took. the cheapest Flyio so it's really slow

Petit ours brun


Built with:

Pundit for the abilities.
Feedjira for parsing rss feeds. (started with rss gem but feedjira is more convenient and faster)
render_async for asynchronous partial (weird behavior with turbo)
vanilla javascript (even if stimulus is setup. Didn't use stimulus because we didn't had time for)

Application Screenshots

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