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First Ruby Quest

We built First Ruby Quest, an app that aims to support the Ruby and Rails community members who are eager to contribute to open-source projects and those who are new to the open-source world. The app allows users to explore and bookmark interesting issues pulled from GitHub through their API.
Users can create personalized accounts to save their preferred issues, making it convenient to track their contributions and collaborations. Additionally, the app offers a useful filtering system based on tags, helping users find relevant issues more efficiently.
First Ruby Quest also provides a valuable resource section. Here, users can access curated materials like tutorials, documentation, and community forums, fostering a nurturing environment for learning and growth in Ruby and Rails programming.



Built with:

We used Ruby 3.1.2 and Rails 7.0.6, bootsnap, jbuilder, pg, puma, rails, tzinfo-data, sprockets-rails, importmap-rails, turbo-rails, stimulus-rails, autoprefixer-rails, bootstrap, faker, font-awesome-sass, sassc-rails, simple_form, kaminari, devise, octokit, pg_search, debug, dotenv-rails, web-console, capybara, selenium-webdriver, webdrivers, and image_processing.

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