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At its core, RailYard synergizes the collaborative spirit of RoR development and GitHub, creating a dynamic platform that fosters seamless teamwork and efficient project management. By integrating with GitHub, RailYard allows developers to synchronize their repositories effortlessly, making it easier to share code, track changes, and work cohesively on projects. As a railyard convege trains and cargo in a centralized hub, the goal of the app is to act as a virtual gathering place for RoR developers who are passionate and excited to contribute their expertise 

Choo-Choo Coders


Built with:

- Devise and omniauth for authentication
- Pundit for authorization
- Dotenv
- Cloudinary for image uploading
- Pg_search for searching and filtering
- Faker for seeding
- Bootstrap, sassc-rails,  fontawesome for styling
- Simple_form for forms
- Stimulus for Javascript

Application Screenshots

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