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Notes about the current version: We only managed to deploy some of the features (pulling posts from Notion and reposting in dev.to and hashnode). We wanted to make notion optional, since we can pull posts from the other platforms too, or even host a simple markdown editor in the same app, but we had a very busy family weekend lol. For the demo Notion is mandatory as the post source, but we might keep developing in the future because the idea resonated with us!

About the app 

WriteOnRails is an application designed to inspire and motivate the Ruby on Rails community to contribute even more by sharing knowledge. Our mission is to facilitate seamless article creation by integrating with popular platforms such as dev.to, hashnode, medium, and even Notion – if you prefer to organize your notes there!

Share Your Knowledge, Reach a Wider Audience: When you write and publish articles through our platform, we offer to repost your content on the platforms you've chosen, amplifying your reach to a broader audience.

Earning Recognition and Rewards: We understand that valuable content deserves recognition. To acknowledge your efforts and foster healthy competition, we employ a points-based system. Every article you publish generates points based on interactions such as comments, likes, and positive reactions from all the platforms where you posted/re-posted. As the month comes to a close, your top 3 articles with the highest points will compete in our monthly leaderboard for prizes.

Contributing and Receiving: WriteOnRails is not just about sharing knowledge; it's about fostering a supportive and collaborative community. As you give your best by creating valuable content for others, the community also gives back to you through recognition and rewards.

Demo: https://recordit.co/wxcVTZorQd


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