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Chipmunk Bot

Chipmunk is telegram-powered bookmarking system. It allows users to send any link they want to bookmark to a Telegram bot. The web app UI then allows users to search through their bookmarks, create categories for their bookmarks as well as lists to share with other people.

Not sure if this is interesting for everybody, however, lately I've been working on my home renovation and, because of that, I've been wanting to bookmark a lot of resources that I found on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the internet in general. On top of that, I wanted to show this stuff to my partner so that she can also contribute with bookmarks of her own.

Sadly I didn't manage to complete the project, however, it is already very usable.

1. Create an account via Telegram
2. Create categories based on things you may be interested in
3. Send any link to the telegram bot
4. Look back at your bookmarks



Built with:

Ruby gems

- telegram-bot
- pg_search
- ruby-oembed
- sidekiq

JS libs

- Debounce
- tailwindcss-stimulus-components (shout out to @excid3)

For the UI, instead, I relied on good ol' TailwindUI

Application Screenshots

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