Hackathon has ended.


Teams of 1-4 people

Teams must be comprised of between one and four individuals. No more than four people are allowed on a team.

Code is submitted to the GitHub repository we provide

Your team will be provided with a Git repository that you must use. As you develop your application, you should push your progress to the repository regularly (“commit early, commit often”) in order to demonstrate progress.

No application templates are allowed to keep things fair

To help ensure complete fairness we do not allow the use of application templates as this could give an immense boost to productivity to teams familiar with the template.

No creating digital content before the hackathon begins (code, designs, etc)

You can, of course, think on the concept for your application before the competition starts. However, no production assets of any kind can be created until the start of the official competition.

You must deploy your application and create an entry with a URL to your live app

The URL provided are the official URLs judges will be sent to.

Deployed code must match the latest commit in your GitHub repo

To ensure fair results, the code must match to prove that no code was pushed after marking your application as completed.