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The tertiary anti social network for not sharing photos. You can upload and share pictures with friends. You can edit and delete your own pictures, but not your friends. What is interesting to me is the Flash messages and the super cool delete feature. 

If you want to try it out, sign up first at https://kenstagram.fly.dev/signup

I Kent Believe It’s Not Butter

Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Built with:

Basic Rails 7 setup, with tailwind-rails and the Shrine and Shrine-Cloudinary gems. For the juicy Hotwire stuff, I used two stimulus controllers, one for removing the flash messages and one for the sweet delete feature when I shamelessly stole from John Beatty's blog. I also hotwired the index page with sweet inline editing and adding the new Kenstas.
How did I do it? I typed into my text editor, swore a lot and cursed the universe. Usually it went something like why? WHY? WWHHYYYY?  Oh, that's why.
I did not use any scaffolding templates and spent way too much time as usual fighting with config and a few (ok, many) Picnic errors.
This was fun and really exposed how little I know, but at least I know where to improve. 

Rail Shack Baby!

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