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This application attempts to resolve a very real problem https://foss.lk is having. Almost all of the Event management software are either too expensive, or they are built with either USA or Europe market in mind. In Sri Lanka, there are differences when organising and conducting an event and things such as payments, and swags cannot be handled by almost all of the existing solutions. This half-baked attempt is a start to resolve that issue and to build small yet featured Event management, and ticketing software catered for Sri Lankan market. (Since this will be continued with FOSS Sri Lanka, open source ofc.)

This is a half-baked attempt at doing something over the very little time my friend and I had over the weekend. There are a ton of things to be done. Such as,

  • Sending Emails
  • Sending tickets for registrations
  • Manage checkin at the gate using WebSocket
  • Add chat window to the event when it's live
  • etc...


Sri Jayawardenepura

Built with:

  1. tailwindcss-rails
  2. devise
  3. devise_invitable
  4. devise_masquerade
  5. omniauth
  6. omniauth-auth0
  7. omniauth-rails_csrf_protection
  8. name_of_person
  9. madmin
  10. noticed
  11. whenever
  12. pagy
  13. friendly_id
  14. active_storage_validations
  15. simple_form
  16. rqrcode
  17. ruby-oembed

Application Screenshots

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