Hackathon has ended.


What did you build? A resume builder app.
What does it do? Allows a user to build their resume. A future feature would have been to allow for user to choose a template.
What's interesting about it? Not much at the moment :) I didn't even get close to finishing this app. The idea was for users to be able to click New Resume and it would prompt them to give it a title. Next they will have a form on the side were they will fill in the form information and then after saving the section they would be able to see the preview of the resume be updated using turbo. Unfortunately did not get far because of commitments. It was fun to get started on a project that has been on my mind lately.


Central Time (US & Canada)

Built with:

I used default gems. I was going to add devise, but wanted to leave until last so to only focus on what the app does. On the frontend/css side I did add DaisyUI for styling.

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