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We built DOTWire to bring people together.  
We used the power of HOTWIRE to provide our players a real-time collaborative drawing challenge.

We started with the desire to assign a random player name and country flag to every visitor using ip2geolocation data sourced from free datasets found in the web. We have an admin area where it’s possibile to schedule background jobs to import the date from CSV files. The status of the job is then updated live on the admin panel using Turbo.

Players can then upload an image and create a game. They can invite friends to join by sharing a link. The number of people in the lobby is updated in realtime. 

Once the game has been started, players have 1 minute to "create" together.  Creativity is transmitted in realtime using custom turbo actions. 
I hope the dear audience and jury will enjoy our creative take on what Hotwire + Turbo + Stimulus + 3 tired men can do on a weekend.

Built with:

  • Hotwire / turbo / stimulus
  • device for admin login
  • tailwindCSS for a quick frontend
  • kredis to manage real time data
  • a free ip2geolocation database 
  • gem Image_processing
  • sidekiq to manage every match lifecycle
  • color-thief.js to get palette from image
  • fabric.js to manage canvas free draw

Application Screenshots

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