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Test Case Bay


I built a "Test Case Management" application to make it easy to compose detailed manual test cases for doing QA on software, hardware products, dev-ops checklists, or just about anything really!

These tools perhaps aren't the most exciting or glamorous pieces of software; however, they do play an important role in documenting complex QA workflows and allowing for delegation of thorough QA activities. I've used several of these tools in the past and you end up having to do a lot of copy and pasting - it's rather unpleasant. With my approach, "Steps”, are shared throughout a project with the aim of making it easy to quickly compose new cases and share steps between them. The "step" and "case run" builders also allow you to append and re-order lists directly inline (thanks Turbo)! 

For the Hackathon’s consideration, I present: Test Case Bay 🏖

Note: If you want to just test out the test run assignment page, you can use one of the following Assignment links:
These assignments can only be "run" once. If they are already completed (all steps marked as pass/failed), please sign up and create your own or contact @mjc in Discord to make more!

Built with:

  • Hotwire/Turbo/Stimulus of course
  • TailwindCSS and with a splash of TailwindUI
  • View Components were used a good bit to DRY up views, one of my favorite gems these days
  • Ranked Model to handle the ordering of test steps and test cases for running tests

Application Screenshots

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