Hackathon has ended.

Hotwire Battleships

We tried to build a version of battleships.

We learned a lot about turbo frames and streams as well as stimulus, but weren't able to complete all the required features.

What we did get working was the login flow, and the ability to take turns to place ships onto the map.

It's just a demo for the moment as we didn't get the match-making system working and it's only working with seeded data at the moment.

So to play you have to create an account, then go to /generate_battle and it will create an opponent for you and jump into the battle for them.

The Auckland Ruby Group


Built with:

We used devise for the user sign up, then the rest of the project was basically just using a stock rails 7 project.

All the front-end graphics are managed with stimulus and css styles

The updates to the screen for the current user is using a turbo frame

To push updates to the other player who you are playing against, we have a turbo stream to deliver the changes to them so they know it is their turn etc.

Application Screenshots

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