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I built a prototype of a feature or a larger app that I'm building. It's a full sortable, filterable, and editable spreadsheet view of an attendance ledger. The intent is to be used by student organizations to track their attendance records. On its own, it's a highly-reactive table web table interface. It has immutable transactions that can be used to track a history of attendance adjustments. I will say, the thing that really excites me is the ability to integrate this with some of the features of the broader app that this was prototyped for 😄

Of note, this is a prototype of a larger feature for an application. I didn't lift any code from the existing application. I didn't lift any code from the existing application. In fact, the only existing infrastructure is the point balances and point transactions. The whole UI is from scratch. I wanted to mention this though because I new in what direction I wanted to go with those models, and I want to be transparent about that. Even if it's disqualifying, I'm glad to have participated and gotten this prototype done!


Central Time (US & Canada)

Built with:

  • Hotwire
  • Tailwind
  • Lots of love and elbow grease
It's a reactive table interface built using a state stored in user sessions and some abstraction built around that. Towards the end, I was running out of time so the abstraction turned more into spaghetti!

Application Screenshots

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