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This is a time budgeting app inspired by the combination of GTD (Getting Things Done) and YNAB (You need a budget). 

1. It provides an interface for users to clear their minds by creating to-dos in the app.
2. Once the to-dos are created, users can then plan their days or weeks by changing the statuses of the to-dos.
3. Once done, users can then create a TimeBudget with a start and end date.
4. Note that, all the To-dos with "In Budget" status will be automatically added to the TimeBudget together with 2 defaults: Sleep and Work.
5. Users can then start allocating hours to the tasks/to-dos in the TimeBudget.
6. Throughout the days, users can then add the entry for hours spent on each of the tasks/to-dos.

I have been wanting to build this for a long time but I have been procrasinating. I bought the domain almost 1 year ago, but didn't manage to build any prototype. Thanks to Rails Hackathon I now have a working MVP. I hope this app can help improve my productivity and also increase my awareness on where I spent my time. 

Team Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

Built with:

All the default ruby gems +
1. bcrypt
2. importmap-rails
3. turbo-rails
4. stimulus-rails
5. tailwindcss-rails
6. inline_svg
7. and also gems in the development group for dev experience like rubocop, rubocop-shopify, hotwire-livereload, erb_lint, htmlbeautifier, solargraph, syntax_tree

Only Javascript library I installed is:
1. Alpinejs

Application Screenshots

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