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An app to curate your media, starting with youtube.

Youtube homepage is a mix of content and the playlists functionality seems like an afterthought. If you want to save/curate videos and channels into 
distinct topics, you are on your own.

LibIndigo allows you to create collections, ex: "Railsconf 2022 Videos", "Chess Teachers" etc. You can add either channels or videos in collections.
If your collection has one or more channels, then a feed of the latest videos from all the channels is created. So now your chess videos 
will be completely separate from your Railsconf videos from your Funny videos. You get the drift :)

Future plans
* Expand to other media (Podcasts / Books / Blogs / NewsLetter)
* ~~Make collections public~~ Done



Built with:

1. rodauth-rails  - My goto auth library these days due to the flexibility. Still figuring my way around it though I'm using it for the 3rd time in a project
2. simple-form - A little tidier than default Rails form
3. pagy - For pagination
4. httpx - HTTP Client. 
5. heroicon - easier access to heroicons
6. sidekiq - No surprises there

1. Stimulus

CSS: Tailwind. Some components from tailwindui & some tiny bits from flowbite

Logo using Adobe Logomaker

Turbo/Hotwire is used to broadcast updates. All hail the new shiny! 

Application Screenshots

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